December 5, 2012
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December 5, 2011


Working together again after almost a decade (Ode to a Grand Staircase, 2001), Glimpse is a new collaboration between Barb Tetenbaum and Julie Chen inspired by a conversation about how a person translates their life experience into a narrative form: prominent events may stand out as the nameable moments, yet it is the space between these events that life, in fact, is lived.

The mid-century photo album structure contains text written by Chen, examining this question. Her text is printed on both surfaces of each of the 15 hinged sleeves. Windows in the sleeves reveal small glimpses of the pull-out cards, each written and printed by Tetenbaum and containing dates and events of the non-important moments of her life. These texts are supported by diagrams, grids, and mundane imagery.

Glimpse is printed letterpress using a combination of photopolymer plate, found images, wood blocks, wire, and handset type. It is housed in a box with magnetic closure.

Book size: when closed: 8 1/8" x 11 3/4" x 1 1/8".
Edition of 100
Year of publication: 2011

Price: $1275.00